Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Wedding Photos

Well I've now successfully defended and turned my dissertation in, so I thought I'd post some more wedding photos. Luckily my uncle, Paul Hersey, is a professional and so he did the photography for us. The first is a collection of shots from the evening before when we all went out to eat -- Katie seems to be having a good time. The next is a wide angle view of the ceremony, followed by a shot of all the family members. The final shot is of Katie and I under a huge Magnolia tree (it's a very neat, and very large tree -- the central trunk has low-lying branches that dive back into the ground to form sattelite trunks, some of which had satellites themselves, and even a couple of those had their own satellites -- I didn't know that magnolias did this). The wedding was held at the Horace Williams House in down town Chapel Hill -- it's a historic building that also serves as an art museum. Oh, and I thought the wedding went quite well too :-).

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