Wednesday, September 01, 2004

note to self -

More cool stuff in Jech's Set Theory - in chapter 12 we get to Models of set theory, where you form languages: L = {P,..,F,...,c,...} with relations P, functions F, and constant symbols c. They consider up to countable languages: |L| ≤ ℵ0 - I wonder if uncountable languages could form a usefull representation for statistical metaphysics - where you build up to them in a limit process by always selectively adding on higher order rules (more Ps,Fs, and c's) not derivable from the previous ones.

Already September first, and another big hurricane is on the way - Frances. Gaston blew through on Monday. Also getting close on my research - whittling the problem down to something I can model - the problem is that I have to use a lot of spherical harmonics to resolve small objects far away from the origin, and the problem grows as N^5. I can invent all sorts of tricks to simplify things, but are they valid?...

Found a cool mandelbrot set program - click on the picture below for the link. And here's another site which gives a good introduction to the theory. Oh, and I ran across Ed Witten's web site which has some nice papers on it.

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