Saturday, July 24, 2004

More links... I found this fractal website from pages on cellular automata. It's an old-school late 90's site (with updates up through 2003), which makes me a little nostalgic - I've been online for almost 10 years now! Looking forward to the web in another 10. And this philosophy site from Stanford is (unintentionly) humorous - he goes on and on saying that it is not necessarily the case that Turing machines are capable of emulating the mind, finishing with: It is an open question whether a completed neuroscience will employ functions that are not effectively calculable. i.e. he suggests that the operation of the brain could depend on functions like the halting probability, which is absurd. The brain is a neural network working in the classical limit, and even if essential quantum effects played a role (not likely - Tegmark argues decoherence occurs at around .1 picosecond) the atoms in the brain can be simulated to arbitrary precision as programs like Gaussian make clear.

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