Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Been a while since I've updated! - but I've been very busy. And now my favorite month has already passed, and won't return for 11 more months. That's all right, its more valuable that way - but it always passes so quickly. Usually it's just small moments in time which are ephemeral, but it seems like the whole month of May is. Hmmm, last time I had a pause where I think to myself - here I am at this moment in time - I was checking the tire pressure for Katie's car out in the hot sun - you almost sort of breath in the asphault, and its not a bad thing - shortly before she had driven off to see her parents. I love those moments, perhaps I should try and train myself... Been very busy with the research and Statistical Metaphysics though. I've finished my statmeta paper and presented it to the transhumanist conference people, we'll see what they think of it. They'll be astounded if they have any sense. And the research is so close to completion but it's not quite acting like I had expected - is it real behavior or a numerical chimera???

More random impressions - was reading Perdido Street Station before going to bed recently, and the characters go to consult an giant interdimensional spider for some cryptic, oracle-esque advice. I wouldn't mention it, but that night I had dreams of spides all over the place, including a hazy shape I saw in the dark, then turning on the light to see a giant spider on a glass of water I was drinking - but then rationalized that it was OK - big and yellow so it must be a friendly garden spider. And I wouldn't normally mention that sort of thing either, but the next morning the pinky finger on my right hand sort of itched/burned, but it didn't climb out of low level conscious thought until that afternoon when I thought clearly to myself that hey, my finger feels like its been dipped in weak acid, and inspecting it closely I find two tiny red dots rights next to the fingernail.

I had another memorable thought as I was driving home from the mall with Katie at dusk, and driving along the back roads we were enjoying the long 3-foot grass that was growing along side the road, and I thought to myself that I would probably be nostalgic for this sort of thing when I am a thousand years old.

Oh yeah, and I saw a brilliant bright blue meteor zip across the sky earlier tonight as the sun was setting.

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