Thursday, March 11, 2004

Just wanted to add a little more to flying dreams: I had another dream when I was about 14 where I actually got to float in the air (even better!). Still it was only a foot or two in the air, and there was a trick to it - you had to focus on it very hard, and cross your eyes. I'm pretty sure the inspiration for that one was the magic eye stereogram books, where the computer arranged random dots would make 3-d images if you focused your vision either in front of or behind the page. Also interesting was that in the dream I was floating over my bed, and bright orange light was spilling in through the window. I then wake up and its morning and the bright sunshine is shining on me, so it was very disappointing - hey I was floating a second ago, and it was right here!

Now that I think about it, I have very fond memories of having my bed right up next to the window - the sun shining in in the morning is always nice (I always want the windows in my bedrooms to face southeast), but best were the cool cloudless summer nights with the full moon shining over the field of grass, almost bright enough to maKe out color. Maybe a few whispy cirrus clouds, and the night sky wasn't even particularly dark - more of a light grey. Just the cool air and the moon and a few stars over the grass.

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