Sunday, March 07, 2004

Hmm. its 11 at night, and it turns out I am going to update my blog on its 3rd day of existence. Got a new CD player since the old one died after 7 and a half years (I fixed it for a week then it died again) - can get a 300 disk player for only 200 dollars, I guess because it is rapidily becoming archaic tech. Thus could put almost all my CDs in, and hearing some of the old ones made me remember softmore year of college and got me a little depressed, which is kind of rare. Actually read today on plastic about mind-reading - rather just picking up emotional cues from other people in their subtle facial expressions, and they not surprisingly said that autistic people do the worst at it, but more interestingly there is a sort of continuous distribution from them to the most sensitive. Made me wonder where I lie on the scale, and while of course I find my own emotional range and frequency to be perfectly fine and normal, I suspect I may be a little more to the autistic side. Maybe I'm being silly, but then I do prefer to spend most of my time inside my own head, thinking my thoughts - just 80% introverted I guess, although the 20% outgoing is quite...

Anyways, decided me and Katie should go out and have some fun, we saw Starsky and Hutch, which was ideal, and then messed around in barnes and noble for a while - read some of Smolin's new book and got inspired - I really need to work on both my physics and metaphysics very hard tomorrow. A dramatic storm blew through, the kind where little orange scroll bars appear at the bottom of the TV warning you about it, lightning and howling gusts of wind and everything, early on in March too.

Only a small selection of my experiences for the day, I guess the rest will fade into the depths of time, but then perhaps so will everything else when the stars all die trillions of years from now - in those small number of realities (but still very real) where complexity doesn't grow forever. Goodnight.

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