Saturday, March 06, 2004

Been an interesting couple dozen hours - saw Lorenza'a day old baby yesterday, she had a full head of hair, was very quiet and observant, and had oddly capable seeming hands for a newborn, not that I've met many. There is the idea, perhaps with some validity, that the years seem to go by quicker when you get older beacuse each one is a smaller percentage of time compared to your whole life. Thus me, Mark, and Heather spent a couple months of subjective time with the baby by visiting with her for 15 minutes. And it seems reasonable, looking into its eyes, that their brains are forming connections at a million a second. Have too, have many trillions yet to go...

Had a couple beers that night with Mark, Heather, Constantine, and Gongpu at 'He's Not Here', out under the trees and night sky, and chatted about the big bang. For some reason, I'm getting nostalgic about it, which is ridulculous. Time keeps passing... As far as the universe is concerned, my life so far has been about a hundreth of a second.

Katie went to take her big test this morning, so I went for an adventure - I'd always heard that there was a bike trail through the woods to the east of campus, but I'd never been on it the 2 years I've lived here. Even though its been raining a good bit today, I figured that would just make it more fun, and it was. Its nice to get away from the constant stream of words and thoughts in ones mind, and they do leave dependably when you're riding a bike down a thin, twisting, steep, muddy, rocky, jutting-root-infested trail. A couple times thoughts would start to re-emerge more successfully when the going got easier, thankfully one that crystalized several times was: "continue to keep an eye on the trail you damn fool!"

Got a tiny little scratch on my leg and then some mud on that, and amusingly that was enough to get it a little infected, it stung and got red. Thankfully some of the thousand trillion cells that work together to form Travis thought to wash the leg with soap.

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